About Grades K-5

The Anderson School (PS 334) is a unique and exciting K-8 New York City public school designed to meet the special needs of children with superior intellectual potential. Our philosophical commitment is to the whole child: balancing social, emotional and educational development. We strive to meet the particular needs of these children by placing equal importance on emotional intelligence and academics. Students are educated in a stimulating environment where they can become both producers and consumers of knowledge. The Anderson School seeks to reflect the ethnic, racial, socioeconomic and geographic diversity of New York City.

Using a judicious combination of accelerated and enriched instruction, our curriculum builds from fundamentals to promote a hands-on, in-depth discovery approach to learning. Children work both independently and in groups on projects and assignments that stimulate logical reasoning and imagination. Talented educators address the needs of intellectually gifted children by designing dynamic and nurturing lessons and activities.

Creative problem solving, divergent thinking, research, and self-evaluation are emphasized in each classroom, in tandem with more traditional skills. At the same time, our children are assisted in developing essential social skills, including sensitivity to and respect for others, effective communication, and self-esteem. We hope and expect that our children will acquire an understanding of their responsibilities as members of society along with a lifelong love of learning.

Transportation for Grades K-5

Once a student has registered at Anderson, the computer at the Department of Education's Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) determines whether or not the child is eligible for transportation, and if so, what type of transportation – yellow school bus or a full-fare Metrocard. The Anderson School does not make these determinations. Transportation eligibility is determined on the basis of the student's grade level and the distance between the student's residence and school.

Eligibility for yellow bus transportation for students attending gifted and talented schools and programs is based on the same criteria that apply to public school general education students. Students attending one of the citywide gifted and talented schools, such as Anderson, are eligible for busing if they live in the same borough as the school, and the route, as measured by bus stops, is no longer than five miles.

For general transportation information, please check the website of the OPT. This table on the OPT website shows how student eligibility is determined.